Who is this guy, anyway?
Some of you may be wondering just who the heck I am and why I go through all the time and effort of maintaining this page. So, to answer this question (and give me an excuse to add more to the website) here it is.


First and foremost you must absolutely understand that I and my website are in NO way affiliated with Audi AG or any of its subsidiaries. This is a personal enthusiast website with no connections to the manufacturer. Everything I have posted on my site was discovered during my travels around the Web or experienced firsthand as an individual. I can't send you brochures, pictures or any other official information about the A4. Everything I have available is on the website itself.

Now that that's out of the way here is the background of Sean's A4 Page:

I am new to the world of Audis and to be perfectly honest never looked twice at the previous models. The 4000/5000 series never turned my head and the 80/90/100 series, though better looking, had little appeal for me also. Then, in early 1996, I saw a newspaper column about the A4. I fell in love with the car and knew I would have one.

Research, Research, Research

I'm the type of person who doesn't make rash purchase decisions. I research everything to an extreme and the more expensive the item is the more diligent I am in my research. So I began searching out every article, picture and review I could about the A4. I found invoice information and reviews from around the world. I also started finding information about an assortment of automotive issues such as oil, fuel, turbos and a host of others. I accumulated so much information that it made me think that if I was looking for this information that there were probably many others in the same boat. Why not start a web page and share everything I had found in order to save others time? This idea has evolved into Sean's A4 Page as you see it today.

Let's Make a Deal!

A second idea I had was that I wanted to know how much people were paying for the A4 so I could get an idea of how much I should pay for my own. The result was the A4 Buyer's/Owner survey that I administered for over a year.

Let's Start a Club

I finally ordered my A4 in February, 1997 and received it in June. The car is everything that I have expected it to be and my enthusiasm has not diminished in the least. In fact, after finally getting my A4, it has actually increased to the point that I, along with Steve Sherwood, were moved to found the NorCal A4 Owner's Club in the summer of 1997.

Yes, I'm Crazy!

So, I guess you could say I am a fanatic about the car. I love it and the website is an outlet for me to share my enthusiasm since my family, friends and co-workers are pretty tired of hearing me talk about it all the time. :-) .

I'm always happy to answer questions about the car and my experiences so feel free to drop me a line.