A Quick Tour of Sean's A4 Page
Site Updates
This section of the site allows you to quickly find out what changes have been made to the site and when the most recent update has been made.
Who Am I?
A quick background into who I am and why I keep this site running.
A4 Logbooks
These logbooks are a chronicle of my Audi ownership and detail my thoughts and experiences with both my '97 A4 1.8T and my '99.5 A4 1.8T.
The General FAQ
Here you may find answers to common questions that I receive from visitors on a fairly regular basis.  I periodically update the FAQ with new questions and additional information when necessary.
Sean's A4's
You can find picture galleries of both my A4's as well as detailed information regarding any modifications or additions I have made to my cars.
A4 Owners Surveys
My owners surveys are one of the oldest features of my site.  They allow owners to share their purchasing experience with others.  Included are options, dealers and prices paid.  A second survey is my A4 repair survey.  This survey can give you an idea of the types of problems encountered by A4 owners and what was done to resolve the issue. 
Automotive Technology
My automotive technology page is a comprehensive collection of technical documentation.  You will find calculators, car care tips, driving techniques, performance modification information and much more in this section of the site.
Internet Links & Resources
This section of the site is a list of links that may be useful for Audi enthusiasts or anyone interested in high performance driving and modifications.  There are links to Audi clubs, aftermarket vendors and tuners as well driving schools and tracks.