The A4 Buyers Survey
Lets help out future A4 owners.   Share your information concerning the purchase price of your A4.  Bear in mind that this survey is highly unscientific.  Please be honest as this survey is anonymous.

Please note: This is NOT a survey about your experience with a particular dealer or its staff.
 Please refrain from entering any comments about the dealer.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Thanks.

To find out the dealer invoice for your A4 visit the Audi section at
Kelly Blue Book.
Dealer invoice is not MSRP (or "sticker").  Invoice is the actual cost to the dealer.

City, State & Country where purchased:
Month & Year of Purchase (MM/YY):
Dealer or Private Party:
Dealer Name:
Model Year:
New or Used:
Mileage (if used):
Options on vehicle:
Dealer Invoice Cost:
Purchase Price (excluding taxes & license):