Original A4 Buyer Survey Results

Survey Results

I've totally reworked the USA results into a single Excel 7.0 spreadsheet that uses multiple pages. Through some creative sorting I was able to separate out the individual options and run calculations on all the items people want to know: amount over/under invoice, amount over/under MSRP, and percentage over invoice. Since I only have access to dealer invoice and option cost information for the US market this spreadsheet is limited to US purchases. There may be a stray error here or there but the overall view is very enlightening. Download the zipped spreadsheet and take a look.

USA Results

Follow this link to view the graphs included in the spreadsheet:
% Over Invoice Graphs

NOTE:  The survey results have been posted in an Excel 4.0 spreadsheet format. Please read the following FAQ about the results:

Survey Results FAQ

Download the zip file with the results and FAQ included (67 KB): Results

Winzip (what I used to compress the files) can be found at Winzip.Com

Results from outside North America in HTML Format

A4's Outside North America